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Established in June of 2016 Diamonds or Light is a blog focusing on poetry, books, and astrology. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Cucuy is my only friend He comes to visit me every night without end Terrible sleep he won’t give me peace Sometimes he comes and makes lots of noise. Sometimes he steals parts of my heart like the boys If I had another friend He couldn’t be any worse in the end Cucuy is my… Read more “Cucuy”


I was intertwined with his mind I couldn’t escape He was a real doctor But he needed my healing He sent me to the ceiling I didn’t know I could be so uplifted Man was he gifted I thought of him everyday He was stimulating in everyway He was the only one I met who… Read more “Intertwined”


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Cindy and Dana are from the bay area, California. We are excited to share our expertise on Diamonds and Lights. Diamonds or Light is about different roles we play in life. Sometimes someone in the background has more expertise than that shiny diamond you can see. Just make sure you search for the light. We write poetry and books. Check out the poetry and let us know what you think. Like, share, and comment on my posts.

Diamonds or Light was created in 2015 to find the light in a place of darkness. Sometimes we feel alone, but there are so many others going through the same thing.

Sharing our stories on diamonds or light gives others a chance to see the similarities and help find solutions through art and the stars.

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