Discussion of Octavia Butler Mind of my Mind

Doro is all powerful and he cannot be defeated. He goes around killing and no one can stop him. They all do what he says and he won’t have it any other way. He picks who gets to live and die. He mates women with whoever he likes. Sometimes in our lives we want to attribute our failures to someone holding us back. Sometimes we are the ones holding us back and we can find a way to stop believing something is in our way.

Octavia Butler weaves magnificent sci-fi stories that are frightening and lessons all in one. The series patternmaster is as enchanting and entertaining as Kindred. Mind of my Mind is the moment the protagonist figures she has to get rid of the antagonist. Can she get rid of Doro? I guess you have to read the series to find out. This is my favorite series. I will say that I read most of the classics and Patternmaster holds up to those standards reminding me of a younger female Jules Verne.

Be Still Poetry book

poetry that takes you away to another place, poetry that reminds of places long gone and places where our dreams go on


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