Discussion of Aesop’s Fable The Boys and The Frogs

The boys are playing at the pond. They see some frogs and throw rocks at the frogs. Some of the rocks hit the frogs so hard that they die.

Are we having our pleasure at the expense of someone else? Every time we exploit someone we might be killing them inside. Are we contributing to misery somewhere ? Are we contributing to life or death? We should strive for life and realize that things may be so bad for others that if possible, we should not contribute to others demise. Are you trying to lift up life everyday? Are we trying to put out the vibes that we would like to receive? Are we clear about our intentions? Sometimes we put out a vibe subconsciously or unconsciously. If you are getting a vibe that you don’t like make sure you are correct and don’t assume. If someone is killing your vibe sometimes all it takes is to let them know. Sometimes people are trying to help and they have no idea they sent out the wrong vibe. Make sure you are on the same vibe.

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