Weekly guidance

Aries heal and don’t have too much fun. Maybe fall in love. Don’t get into it with siblings or neighbors.

Taurus delve into your spirituality.

Gemini slow it down. Take some time for self-care.

Cancer Get some sleep. You might deal with hidden enemies.

Leo delve into your spirituality and education. Money is coming in

Virgo don’t get into it at work. Business should pick up.

Libra it might be hard but give extra love to your gurus.

Scorpio don’t keep any big secrets. They might bite you back.

Sagittarius things are good. The fun is picking up. Wait til you see December. Wait for relationships too.

Capricorn watch your health. There should be extra money coming in.

Aquarius everything is on you. Make it happen. Take extra care with your children.

Pisces you might get into an argument at home. Watch out!

Astrology for educational purposes Natal readings here

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