Pregnancy in a pandemic

Pregnancy in a pandemic is difficult. You may be scared to go outside. It is a happy time and you want to see people, but you cannot. If  you’ve never been pregnant before it may seem like something is different anyway.

Women that are pregnant in a pandemic may have lots of things running through their mind. You are thinking about staying in the house because you don’t want to be sick. You want to see people and celebrate this special time, but running through the back of your mind you’re thinking about getting sick. You have to go to the grocery store. It’s the only time you might get out. You have to think what you’ll make for dinner. You can wear gloves and a mask to be extra safe. Wash all the groceries you can and leave some out for a few days. It might be hard letting the food sit out without being put away, but think of things like toilet paper that you may not need right away.

How do you have a baby shower in a pandemic and you have a small place? You invite a couple people over and have the rest on an online room. You set up the place for a party with decorations, balloons, and a cake. Plan some fun games and open presents. Take pictures of the event. Send out thank yous with pictures. Everyone will have a great time even if you can’t be in the room together. It is time to share the special time with everyone.

Going to the hospital is so different. No one is allowed with you for your doctor’s appointments. Not even your husband can come into your doctors appointment with you. The only visit a visitor is allowed into is the sonogram and when you have the baby. If you get sick no one can come see you.

The sonogram is a good time to see the baby and check that everything is there. They sill check the head, toes, heart, and see if it’s a boy or girl. They won’t give you all the results until the doctor gets a chance to look at the ultrasound. You can have a guest come with you to the ultrasound. It makes it so much easier. It is kind of stressful when you can’t talk to anyone or have them hold your hand in all of the visits.

The ultrasound is when you start to feel like everything is okay. You may still wait the customary 3 months before you tell anyone about the baby. In a pandemic there are so many things to worry about so you are more concerned that something will happen to the baby.

The hospital visits feel like the doctors are so worried. They ask lots of questions, but make sure you ask yours too. They’ll give you something for whooping cough. It’s no big deal. Something you will barely feel.

If you have to deliver the baby early you might go in for a visit and you are waiting a while. No one can come in until they decide the baby is coming. You might wait a couple hours by yourself. You might not know what you’re waiting on. If one person is waiting for you outside you can call them and tell them to come in. They’re not letting anyone else in.

Hopefully you’ve praticed your breathing because the pain is extreme. It’s good for someone to translate because sometimes there are new people who haven’t delivered a baby in a pandemic before. Everyone wears their masks. Some come in looking like astronauts but it’s good to be safe.

The baby comes out and needs some milk. If you are sick the baby might not be able to stay with you. If you are cool the baby gets a little bed next to yours. You’ll need someone to help you because you’ll be incredibly sore.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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