On the side Chapter 2

My partner was asexual and I didn’t know what that meant. We had sex three times a week to please me. It wasn’t enough. I was on the hunt. I met this young guy at a restaurant. He was fine and tall as a tree. He asked me out and I told him my situation. We could get together when I was free. He was cool with that, but I didn’t know he could turn me out. I was thinking about my next fix all the time. I couldn’t make my partner dinner after work. I was too tired and preoccupied. Adam was on my mind all night. I couldn’t sleep. This man had a hold on me. But I caught the clap and gave it to my partner.

Now my secret was out. He knew I was with someone else, and he didn’t want me to touch him. I didn’t know what to do. I started going to therapy because I had a sex addiction. My partner stayed with me, but it must have been hard on him knowing that he wasn’t pleasing me. I kept seeing Adam, but we had less sex. My sex addiction was a work in progress, but I’m working on it and Adam as well.

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