Love in and out of time

Fire and snow
Which way do we go
Fire and snow
Only one glows

Fire and snow at a balance is perfect health
My love for you hid in stealth
I didn’t know it was you
but when I listened to your voice I knew
You were the truth that I had been waiting on
You were the reason my heart beat a song

When I felt your frequency
I knew it was in line with me
I have loved you In and out of time
At least seven winds
Are we heading to completion
Because I do not believe in deletion

Right now the fire is low
But I’m waiting for you to show
The signal so I know which way to go
The snow is too high but the fire is nigh
The stars are in your eyes I’ve surmised
They could only fit in the deepest skies

You’ve awakened me out of the snow
My love has a rare glow
I couldn’t understand what was going on
I knew that it couldn’t be wrong
But you took so long
I carried on

But my heart cried
My soul lied
And I continued to hide
Until I could abide
With my side
That I’ve known before you tried

I breathe you and need you
But I waited for you to claim the prize
That I didn’t know I had inside
You showed me the way and I recognized
That I still have the fire but you have the spark
And I cannot move or start without you in my heart

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