December Poetry Challenge 2022 and Scary stories

I was in desperate need of a good book, one that would keep me hooked and excited until the end. As I scoured the online books, I came across Dealings in the Dark by Samantha Moran. The title alone made my heart beat faster; I had to give it a go.

When I started reading, I was immediately drawn into the world of the supernatural. The eerie scenes and the mysterious spells that Moran wrote about were enough to give me chills. I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation as I read on.

The suspense in this book was unparalleled; one moment I would feel a chill down my spine and the next I would be on the edge of my seat as I followed the twists and turns of the story. The suspense was truly spine-chilling and I couldn’t put the book down.

As I raced towards the end, I was overcome with excitement as I realized I’d only read the first part of the series. I couldn’t help but smile as I heard that Book 2: Bound and Betrayed of the series was coming soon. I couldn’t wait to delve deeper into the mysteries of the dark and find out what Samantha Moran had in store for me.

Here’s my dodoitsu. Flamenco has a poetry challenge and so I have joined. A dodoitsu has 7 syllables 7 syllables 7 syllables 5 syllables with the 5 syllables being a twist. You can join too here.

Brighten up the days in  here
Brighten up the nights in  here
Brighten up the life in here
Babies light in here

Here are my books on my Amazon Page.

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