Day 33

I’m so lazy

All I do is cook and eat

Sometimes I exercise

It’s getting tiring

I have so many things to do but it’s hard to do them

I work on this for a while

Then I move on to that

It seems like forever

But I don’t know what day it is

Planning parties and dreams for another life it seems


Everyone left

Even if everyone left

You’d always be in my heart

Before the life starts you were here

You will always be my dear

I love you more than I even knew I could

I love you more than maybe I should

I hear your voice

It’s not like I have a choice

You are my latest, greatest inspiration

Thank you for changing me in ways that I don’t even know

I’m glad I don’t ever have to let you go

Sitting up in my room

Sitting up in my room

Trying to get away from you

I got those corona blues

Can’t go outside

Never know what might

Happen if you go into those corona blues

So I’m sitting up in my room

Running away from the corona blues

I’m looking for peace

But all I do is think

Think about what it will be like

When I can do whatever I like

But for now I’m sitting up in my room

With the corona blues

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