Sitting up in my room

Sitting up in my room

Trying to get away from you

I got those corona blues

Can’t go outside

Never know what might

Happen if you go into those corona blues

So I’m sitting up in my room

Running away from the corona blues

I’m looking for peace

But all I do is think

Think about what it will be like

When I can do whatever I like

But for now I’m sitting up in my room

With the corona blues

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Flip the switch

What if I decided it’s time for it

What if I decided I’d flip the switch

I’d flip the switch on all those that did me wrong

I’d be the one walking all over them

How would that feel I’m thinking like a requiem

They wouldn’t know what was coming

They would all try to be gunning

But they wouldn’t know who was running

Because I just flipped the switch to be something I’ve never been

Something that will set me up to win

Like all those snakes in the grass

That can kiss my @**

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My father

My father never paid a dime for me

That’s why I lived in abject poverty

I tried to get up

But there was always something missing

To all the fathers that never bothered

You are the reason for poverty

You have left your sons and daughters in misery

For hundreds of years and you always ignored their tears

What if someone was out there looking out for us

What if someone cared about us

Wouldn’t that be just?

We’d be living in much better places

We couldn’t be divided by races

We’d all know that our lives mattered

Even though for hundreds of years they’ve been shattered

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Busy busy bee

Busy busy bee

That’s me

I’ve always been this way

So if you thought still I’d stay

You were so wrong all along

I didn’t make it like this

It’s the perfectionist

She always redoes everything

I wish that was lying

I tried to stop and I got so bored I fell asleep

Now look what thats gotten me

I’m trying to sit and wait

But it’s not part of my update

I keep moving fast like a busy busy bee

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Stress is like sliced bread

Stress is the only place I’ve lived

I’ve only lived when I didn’t have anymore to give

Sometimes I wonder what it would be

If I didn’t have this stress you see

I imagine living in a place where people are good to me

I imagine living in a place where people aren’t so insecure

But then I snap back to reality

And I see the stress that I always see

I guess at some point I should get used to it

If everything goes wrong anytime I speak to one of these

I might as well get used to living on my knees

But really I’ve been down so long

Everything looks like up to me

Anytime anything goes right I’m wondering if it’s really my life

Sometimes we’re stuck in a place where we’re alone

But I’ve always been on my own

Things go better when I know that the devil lives on my heels

If he didn’t I don’t think I’d be real

But everything is still looking up to me because what I’ve been through I couldn’t even put it into words you see

I’m sure someone understands how it feels to be left out of the creators good plans

I’m good at seeing the bad side of every man

The only way I get to know anyone is because of some good in my life that must be undone

The devil is busy and he always wins in my life

Maybe next time God will get it right

He does make mistakes

Or likes playing games

Because I’m tired of moving lanes

I’ve got to keep moving

No place is my home

So every year I begin to roam