Disappointed in your dishonesty

But who is to blame? Only me

I knew you couldn’t tell the truth

No matter how many times I asked you to

If you lie and I already knew

The blame couldn’t be placed on you

I can only count on myself, Silly me

That’s they way it must always be

The truth was so bad

It wasn’t even worth getting mad

Just walk away

That’s all for today

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Love alone

Your love would put me first

Your love wouldn’t hurt

But you came in and hurt me

But it’s my fault

I put you in the middle

I let you play second fiddle

I should have walked away

But that’s what I’m doing today

Keep your sadness to yourself

Or for someone who could help

Ask for it and you shall receive

This isn’t love couldn’t be

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Who you are

I dont know who you are

You’ve gone away really far

Today I couldn’t get dub

Yesterday I couldn’t get love

If there’s nothing here

Tell me so

I’ve been better than you ever deserved

That is the word

A stressed out place

An unwinnable race

If you’re on the wrong team

I understand why you are mean

If this is the secret

I understand why you keep it

But you could tell me

Because you are sending two the hard way

And that is me and baby

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Love Eternal

My love is eternal

but you are temporary

your emotions come and go

you’d like to pretend you didn’t so

if only I could pretend too

what would it do

what if I pretended all along

that it was you that made the song

My love is eternal

and it hurts for that long

I loved you before I knew

I loved you and you were the worst in my life

I forgive you and you put me through the most

Caused the most strife

I couldn’t get rid of it and God knows I tried

I cried for years and years

You ignored the tears

You caused those tears and I wanted to get rid of this love eternal

but it followed me and brought me to my knees on a regular basis

now my heart is in stasis

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Canceled Plans

I will always cancel the plans

and make them again

You are not in the hand

You are a joker on the side

what is a side

something that you don’t need

something to do with greed

Laughing at the seed

that you think is buried

but it’s a seed that should have waited til you married

Things could go so well if you stayed in your own hell

So many calls

that I’ll never answer

because I don’t know whose on the other side

someone who chose to go along for the ride

and be a pawn just to get along

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