Man Alive by Thomas Mcbee

Hello Diamonds This week I am reading Science Comics: Volcanoes by Jon Chad because I taught science and I wanted to see if the information was accurate for children to read. It has great information infused in the story.

My latest review is Man Alive by Thomas McBee. Man Alive recounts Thomas’ transition to manhood. I remember reading this book ten years ago. I found it again and I couldn’t reMember what is was about so I decided to check it out. It is a great memoir about how we grow into our lives no matter who we are. We start off as children , at some point we have to  become adults and decide what is best for us. We learn from our parents and some of us learn what not to do.

The memoir focuses around someone robbing him and his transition. The book tells details what the hormones do to his body. We also hear about his changing relationship with his parents. I would have liked to know more about the hormones, because It is interesting to hear one perspective and the similarities to puberty.

At some point we have to forgive people in our lives  for what they have done to us or we are carrying a burden we shouldn’t have to carry. But what do we do when someone who harms us comes back and tries to harm us again? Close the door on them and don’t let them in. The past is back there for a reason. Remember the reason and let it go.

I’m also looking for reviews for my upcoming book Diamonds or Light. It is a romance with a little time travel. Click here to review my book.

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